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Edward Channing A Short History of the United States 450
John George Nicolay A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln - Condensed from Nicolay & Hay's Abraham Lincoln: A History 630
Christopher Merrett A Short View of the Frauds and Abuses Committed by Apothecaries - As well in Relation to Patients, as Physicians: And Of the - only Remedy thereof by Physicians making their own - Medicines. 67
A. E. Housman A Shropshire Lad 67
Ann Ward Radcliffe A Sicilian Romance 225
Gustave Flaubert A Simple Soul 44
Charles Reade A Simpleton 528
Thomas Adolphus Trollope A Siren 613
E. A. (Elias Avery) Lowe;Edward Kennard Rand A Sixth-Century Fragment of the Letters of Pliny the Younger - A Study of Six Leaves of an Uncial Manuscript Preserved - in the Pierpont Morgan Library New York 131
Stephen Palfrey Webb A Sketch of the Causes, Operations and Results of the San Francisco Vigilance Committee of 1856 39
Dudley M. Campbell A Sketch of the History of Oneonta 58
William Dobein James A Sketch of the life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion and a history of his brigade 205
Kate Drumgoold A Slave Girl's Story - Being an Autobiography of Kate Drumgoold. 63
Sir William Smith A Smaller history of Greece - From the earliest times to the Roman conquest 326
Benjamin Brawley A Social History of the American Negro - Being a History of the Negro Problem in the United States. Including - A History and Study of the Republic of Liberia 545
Burton Egbert Stevenson A Soldier of Virginia 286
Harold Harvey A Soldier's Sketches Under Fire 60
Ambrose Bierce A Son of the Gods and A Horseman in the Sky 21
Unknown A Source Book of Australian History 298
Myrtle Reed A Spinner in the Sun 289
Robert Smythe Hichens A Spirit in Prison 862
W. W. Jacobs A Spirit of Avarice - Odd Craft, Part 11. 18
Harold MacGrath A Splendid Hazard 283
Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev A Sportsman's Sketches - Works of Ivan Turgenev, Volume I 264
Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev A Sportsman's Sketches, Volume 2 - Works of Ivan Turgenev, Volume 2 246
George Douglass Sherley A Spray of Kentucky Pine 23
Honoré de Balzac A Start in Life 233
John Haynes Holmes A Statement: On the Future of This Church 27
Owen Wister A Straight Deal 147
Anna Katharine Green A Strange Disappearance 187
Charles Romyn Dake A Strange Discovery 201
James De Mille A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder 305
Honoré de Balzac A Street of Paris and Its Inhabitant 20
Martha Everts Holden A String of Amber Beads 70
Donald Hankey A Student in Arms - Second Series 120
William H. Holmes A Study Of The Textile Art In Its Relation To The Development Of Form And Ornament - Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the - Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1884-'85, - Government Printing Office, Washington, 1888, (pages - 189-2 70
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle A Study in Scarlet 177
Fay-Cooper Cole A Study in Tinguian Folk-Lore 93
Grace Helen Kent A Study of Association in Insanity 914
Laura F. Kready A Study of Fairy Tales 391
George Parsons Lathrop A Study of Hawthorne 345
Bliss Perry A Study of Poetry 297
Frank Hamilton Cushing A Study of Pueblo Pottery as Illustrative of Zuñi Culture Growth. - Fourth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1882-83, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1886, pages 467-522 59
Algernon Charles Swinburne A Study of Shakespeare 224
Ralph Van Deman Magoffin A Study of the Topography and Municipal History of Praeneste 139
Anonymous A Summary History of the Palazzo Dandolo 15
A. D. T. (Adeline Dutton Train) Whitney A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life. 224
Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin A Summer in a Canyon 218
William McKinley A Supplement to A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents 545
Henry Sessions Souttar A Surgeon in Belgium 155

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