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Author Title Pages
86 BC-34? BC Sallust C. Sallusti Crispi De Bello Catilinario Et Jugurthino 256
Alexander von Humboldt COSMOS: A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe, Vol. 1 635
O. Henry Cabbages and Kings 237
B. M. Bower Cabin Fever 207
W. Watson Cactus Culture for Amateurs - Being Descriptions of the Various Cactuses Grown in This Country, - With Full and Practical Instructions for Their Successful Cultivation 225
Talbot Mundy Caesar Dies 185
George Bernard Shaw Caesar and Cleopatra 181
Pío Baroja Caesar or Nothing 461
Ignatius Donnelly Caesar's Column 357
James Anthony Froude Caesar: a Sketch 491
Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton Calderon the Courtier, a Tale, Complete 76
William Godwin Caleb Williams - Things as They Are 462
[pseud.] J. Tyrwhitt Brooks California - Four Months among the Gold-Finders, being the Diary of an Expedition from San Francisco to the Gold Districts 143
John Francis Davis California Romantic and Resourceful; : a plea for the collection, preservation and diffusion of information relating to Pacific coast history 49
O. P. Fitzgerald California Sketches, Second Series 202
David Starr Jordan California and the Californians 19
Lell Hawley Woolley California, 1849-1913; or, the rambling sketches and experiences of sixty-four years' residence in that state 70
Samuel Merwin;Henry Kitchell Webster Calumet "K" 248
Alice Caldwell Hegan Rice Calvary Alley 366
Carter Goodloe Calvert of Strathore 321
Various Cambridge Essays on Education 216
William Dean Howells Cambridge Neighbors (from Literary Friends and Acquaintance) 37
Samuel Butler Cambridge Pieces 65
Frank Preston Stearns Cambridge Sketches 267
Charlotte Mary Yonge Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II 670
Alexandre Dumas fils Camille 287
William Hamilton Gibson Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making 401
Isabel Hornibrook Camp and Trail - A Story of the Maine Woods 263
Thomas W. Knox Camp-Fire and Cotton-Field - Southern Adventure in Time of War. Life with the Union Armies, and - Residence on a Louisiana Plantation 484
A. G. Hales Campaign Pictures of the War in South Africa (1899-1900) - Letters from the Front 207
T.W.E. Holdsworth Campaign of the Indus 169
Stella M. Francis Campfire Girls in the Allegheny Mountains - or, A Christmas Success against Odds 138
H.W. Gibson Camping For Boys 281
Roy Chapman Andrews;Yvette Borup Andrews Camps and Trails in China - A Narrative of Exploration, Adventure, and Sport in Little-Known China 336
Archibald Forbes Camps, Quarters, and Casual Places 278
Ambrose Bierce Can Such Things Be? 220
T. F. (Thomas Frederick) Young Canada and Other Poems 142
E. W. (Edward William) Watkin Canada and the States 473
James Seaton Cockburn Canada for Gentlemen 73
Sir John George Bourinot Canada under British Rule 1760-1900 398
Catharine Parr Traill Canadian Crusoes 258
John Charles Dent Canadian Notabilities, Volume 1 138
Helen M. (Helen Mar) Johnson Canadian Wild Flowers 235
George Bernard Shaw Candida 105
Samuel Butler Canterbury Pieces 53
J. W. Powell Canyons of the Colorado 264
Unknown Cap and Gown - A Treasury of College Verse 245
James A. Cooper Cap'n Abe, Storekeeper 307
Joseph Crosby Lincoln Cap'n Dan's Daughter 408
Joseph Crosby Lincoln Cap'n Eri 316

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