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Author Title Pages
Joseph Crosby Lincoln Cap'n Warren's Wards 432
Joseph Crosby Lincoln Cape Cod Ballads, and Other Verse 126
Joseph Crosby Lincoln Cape Cod Stories 208
Various Cape Cod and All the Pilgrim Land, June 1922, Volume 6, Number 4 - A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Interests of Southeastern Massachusetts 89
Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth Capitola the Madcap 405
Peter B. (Peter Bernard) Kyne Cappy Ricks 367
Peter B. (Peter Bernard) Kyne Cappy Ricks Retires 447
Rafael Sabatini Captain Blood 459
George Bernard Shaw Captain Brassbound's Conversion 134
James Cook Captain Cook's Journal During the First Voyage Round the World 716
Théophile Gautier Captain Fracasse 498
Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards Captain January 67
Charles Dudley Warner Captain John Smith 250
Richard Harding Davis Captain Macklin 255
W. W. Jacobs Captain Rogers - The Lady of the Barge and Others, Part 7. 18
George Cary Eggleston Captain Sam - The Boy Scouts of 1814 160
Peter B. (Peter Bernard) Kyne Captain Scraggs - or, The Green-Pea Pirates 333
Mark Twain Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven 58
W. W. Jacobs Captains All - Captains All, Part 1. 18
W. W. Jacobs Captains All and Others 169
Rudyard Kipling Captains Courageous 217
William (William Charles Henry) Wood Captains of the Civil War; a chronicle of the blue and the gray 288
Henry Sydnor Harrison Captivating Mary Carstairs 347
M. Leonora Eyles Captivity 514
Charles A. (Charles Albert) Curtis Captured by the Navajos 217
John Oxenham Carette of Sark 394
Prosper Mérimée Carmen 82
Harold Bindloss Carmen's Messenger 353
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu Carmilla 109
Gilbert Parker Carnac's Folly, Volume 1. 108
Gilbert Parker Carnac's Folly, Volume 2. 32
Gilbert Parker Carnac's Folly, Volume 3. 116
William Hope Hodgson Carnacki, the Ghost Finder 172
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Debate Index - Second Edition 192
DuBose Heyward;Hervey Allen Carolina Chansons - Legends of the Low Country 106
Coningsby (Coningsby William) Dawson Carry On 104
Mrs. D. A. Lincoln Carving and Serving 52
Cosmos Mindeleff Casa Grande Ruin - Thirteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the - Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1891-92, - Government Printing Office, Washington, 1896, pages 289-318 44
Arthur Schnitzler Casanova's Homecoming 133
George Meredith Case of General Ople 76
B. M. Bower Casey Ryan 199
George Bernard Shaw Cashel Byron's Profession 324
A. G. Payne Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery - A Manual of Cheap and Wholesome Diet 289
T. S. (Timothy Shay) Arthur Cast Adrift 374
Horatio Alger Cast Upon the Breakers 313
W. A. Fraser Caste 259
John Hay Castilian Days 209
George Barr McCutcheon Castle Craneycrow 316
Constance Fenimore Woolson Castle Nowhere 149
Maria Edgeworth Castle Rackrent 143

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