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Author Title Pages
Ambrose Bierce Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories 67
Woodrow Wilson President Wilson's Addresses 308
George Bernard Shaw Press Cuttings 59
J. C. Meem Pressure, Resistance, and Stability of Earth - American Society of Civil Engineers: Transactions, Paper No. 1174, - Volume LXX, December 1910 92
John Buchan Prester John 270
Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice 474
George William Erskine Russell Prime Ministers and Some Others - A Book of Reminiscences 286
James Endell Tyler Primitive Christian Worship - Or, The Evidence of Holy Scripture and the Church, Against the Invocation of Saints and Angels, and the Blessed Virgin Mary 417
Henry Theophilus Finck Primitive Love and Love-Stories 1254
L. (Luise) Mühlbach Prince Eugene and His Times 806
William Black Prince Fortunatus 615
Upton Sinclair Prince Hagen 107
C. Raymond Beazley Prince Henry the Navigator, the Hero of Portugal and of Modern Discovery, 1394-1460 A.D. - With an Account of Geographical Progress Throughout the Middle Ages As the Preparation for His Work. 334
Forrestine C. Hooker Prince Jan, St. Bernard 127
Helen Ashe Hays Prince Lazybones and Other Stories - $c By Mrs. W. J. Hays 188
Robert Louis Stevenson Prince Otto, a Romance 243
M. P. (Matthew Phipps) Shiel Prince Zaleski 101
Jules Claretie Prince Zilah — Volume 1 89
Jules Claretie Prince Zilah — Volume 2 97
Jules Claretie Prince Zilah — Volume 3 123
M. G. (Mary Greenway) McClelland Princess 197
Percy James Brebner Princess Maritza 417
Amy Brooks Princess Polly's Gay Winter 140
Amy Brooks Princess Polly's Playmates 148
John Cairns Principal Cairns 141
Terence J. (Terence Joseph) MacSwiney Principles of Freedom 156
Candace Wheeler Principles of Home Decoration - With Practical Examples 114
Adam S. Bennion Principles of Teaching 222
G. W. (George William) Foote Prisoner for Blasphemy 224
Randall Parrish Prisoners of Chance - The Story of What Befell Geoffrey Benteen, Borderman, - through His Love for a Lady of France 399
Harold R. Peat Private Peat 159
W. W. Jacobs Prize Money - Sailor's Knots, Part 10. 17
Martin Farquhar Tupper Probabilities - The Complete Prose Works of Tupper, Volume 6 (of 6) 97
Amy LeFeuvre Probable Sons 84
Thames Ross Williamson Problems in American Democracy 808
Durant Drake Problems of Conduct 453
John A. Hobson Problems of Poverty 223
Eunice Tietjens Profiles from China 44
Thomas Fowler Progressive Morality - An Essay in Ethics 102
Carl Maag;Steve Rohrer Project Trinity 1945-1946 49
Julius Wellhausen Prolegomena 843
James Huneker Promenades of an Impressionist 324
John H. Humphreys Proportional Representation - A Study in Methods of Election 508
T. R. (Thomas Ramsden) Ashworth;H. P. C. Ashworth Proportional Representation Applied To Party Government 183
Richard Haines Proposals for Building, In Every County, A Working-Alms-House or Hospital - as the Best Expedient to Perfect the Trade and Manufactory of Linnen - Cloth 28
Earl Bertrand Arthur William 3rd Russell Proposed Roads to Freedom 240
Richard Le Gallienne Prose Fancies 124
Richard Le Gallienne Prose Fancies (Second Series) 122
Charles Kingsley Prose Idylls, New and Old 241
Leslie Stephen;William Ewart Gladstone;Edward A. Freeman;James Anthony Froude;John Henry Newman Prose Masterpieces from Modern Essayists 199

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