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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 99, November 22, 1890 by Various
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It was stated in the _Echo_ that, during the late storm, a brig
"brought into Dover harbour two men, with their ribs and arms broken
by a squall off Beachy Head. The deck-house and steering-gear were
carried away, and the men taken to Dover Hospital." Who shall say,
after this, that storms do not temper severity with kindness? This
particular one, it is true, broke some ribs and arms, and carried away
portions of a brig, but, in the very act of doing this, it took the
sufferers, and laid them, apparently, on the steps of Dover Hospital.
If we must have storms, may they all imitate this motherly example.

* * * * *

"WHAT A WONDERFUL BO-OY!"--In the _Head-Master's Guide_ for November,
in the list of applicants for Masterships, appears a gentleman who
offers to teach Mathematics, Euclid, Arithmetic, Algebra, Natural
Science, History, Geography, Book-keeping, French Grammar, Freehand,
and Perspective Drawing, the Piano, the Organ, and the Harmonium, and
Singing, for the modest salary of £20 a-year without a residence! But
it is only just to add; that this person seems to be of marvellous
origin, for although he admits extreme youth (he says he is _only
three years of age!_) he boasts ten years of experience! _O si sic
omnes_! So wise, so young, so cheap!

* * * * *

If spectacular effects are worth remembering, then Sheriff DRURIOLANUS
ought to be a member of the Spectacle-makers' Company.

* * * * *
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