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Punch, Or The London Charivari, Volume 102, Jan. 2, 1892 by Various
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"_Noblesse oblige_" e'en Mobs might understand!

* * * * *


SCENE--_A Private Room in a well-known Dining Hotel. Eminent
Politicians discussing "shop" over their walnuts before
dispersing for the Christmas holidays._

_First Eminent Politician_. I say that recent speech of yours at
Skegness was a little strong. Preferring the Navy to the Army!
Although the Army is of course the "Best possible Army," and all that!
Eh? I say it was a little too thick!

_Second Em. Pol._ (_quickly_). Not a bit of it! You don't know how
well we are getting on at Pall Mall. I give you my word everything's
first-rate. Department working splendidly. You can't say that at
Whitehall and Somerset House?

_First Em. Pol._ (_warmly_). Not say it! We do! Everything's most
satisfactory. Discipline splendid. Never had such a fine Fleet. And
the fireworks we had at the Royal Naval Exhibition all through the
Summer! Well you ought to have seen them!


_Second Em. Pol._ (_carelessly_). Yes, I daresay. But what have
fireworks got to do with the Navy?

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