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A Briefe Introduction to Geography by William Pemble
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lay hid from thy sight, but now at length emboldned vpon thy
curteous acceptance of his former labours, it lookes abroad into
the world; Its but little; let not that detract any thing from
it, there may lie much, though pent vp in a narrow roome; when
thou reades, then iudge of it; Thus much may bee sayd: Though
many haue writ of this subiect, yet this inferiour to none; thou
may'st obserue in it an admirable mixture of Art and delight, so
that for younger Students it may bee their introduction, for
others a Remembrancer, for any not vnworthy the perusall: only,
let it finde kinde entertaynment, at thy hands. _Farewell._


CHAP. 1.

_A generall description and division of Geography._

Topographie is a particular description of some small quantity of
Land, such as Land measurers sett out in their plots.

Chorographie is a particular description of some Country, as of
England, France, or any shire or prouince in them: as in the
vsuall and ordinary mappe.

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