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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 103, August 20, 1892 by Various
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And photograph them on the sly;
The muff, the cloak with ample folds,
The parcel, and the biscuit-tin,
I know that each discreetly holds
Detective lenses hid within.

Should CROESUS greet you with a smile,
A "bromide" will record the fact;
Should STREPHON help you o'er a stile,
The film will take him in the act.
Yet this renown, if truth be said,
Is fame they'd rather be without;
Nor, I assure you, will they wed
A lady photographic tout.

* * * * *


That Golf was a game probably known to and played by pre-Adamite Man
(whoever he may have been; name and address not given) is evidenced by
the learned Canon TRISTRAM's observation in the Biology Section of
the British Association Meeting last week, to the effect that "he (the
Canon) had never seen a better collection of these Links connecting
the present with the past world." This must be most interesting to all

* * * * *

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