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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 152, June 6, 1917 by Various
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VOL. 152.

JUNE 6, 1917.


It is rumoured that the Press campaign against young men of military age
engaged in Government offices is causing some of them many sleepless


A correspondent writes to an evening paper to say that by his
thermometer the recent heat was a record for the year. We suppose it is
due to the example of the Censor in the matter of the Folkestone raid
that nobody appears to be able to keep a secret.


"A movement is on foot," says a contemporary, "to present the Italian
nation with a monument to SHAKSPEARE, to be erected in Rome." The
alternative of despatching Mr. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW to become a
naturalized Italian does not appear to have been so well received.
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