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The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 46, September 23, 1897 - A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls by Various
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[Illustration: THE GREAT ROUND

VOL. 1 SEPTEMBER 23, 1897. NO. 46

=Copyright, 1897, THE GREAT ROUND WORLD Publishing Company.=

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The latest news from India is of a most encouraging nature.

It is supposed that the announcement made by the British Government that
they mean to send a strong force to punish the rebellious tribes has had
a good effect.

The Afridis are reported to have held a council of war, and have decided
to return to their homes and gather in their harvests. The head men of
the tribe are said to be responsible for this decision, because they
made a strong stand against the continuation of the war.

It is probable that the reason of their return to their homes is not
altogether because of their harvests, but that other tribes which had
agreed to join in the uprising have become alarmed at the action of the
British, and, fearful lest they too may come in for punishment, have
refused to take any part in the border war.

Haddah Mullah, the mad priest who is accused of having incited the
tribes to rebel in the first instance, has also given in. It is said
that he has dispersed his followers of the Swati tribe, and that they
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