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Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 158, March 3rd, 1920 by Various
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VOL. 158.

March 3rd, 1920.


A lunatic who recently escaped from an asylum was eventually recaptured in
a large dancing-hall in the West-End. The fact that he was waltzing
divinely and keeping perfect time with the music aroused the other dancers'
suspicions and led to his recapture.

* * *

The latest type of Tank, Mr. WINSTON CHURCHILL informed the House of
Commons, weighs thirty tons and can pass over a brick without crushing it.
It is said to be modelled on the Profiteering Act.

* * *

The proposal of the HOME SECRETARY to add fifty per cent. to taxi-cab fares
and abolish the initial charge of sixpence is said to find favour both with
owners and drivers. The men in particular have always chafed at the
necessity of messing about with small silver.
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