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The Voice by Margaret Wade Campbell Deland
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"Dr. Lavendar," said William
King, "some time when Goliath
is doing his 2.40 on a plank road, don't
you want to pull him up at that house
on the Perryville pike where the Grays
used to live, and make a call? An old
fellow called Roberts has taken it;
he is a--"

"Teach your grandmother," said
Dr. Lavendar; "he is an Irvingite. He
comes from Lower Ripple, down on the
Ohio, and he has a daughter, Philippa."

"Oh," said Dr. King, "you know 'em,
do you?"

"Know them? Of course I know
them! Do you think you are the only
man who tries to enlarge his business?
But I was not successful in my efforts.
The old gentleman doesn't go to any
church; and the young lady inclines to
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