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Memoirs of Napoleon — Volume 07 by Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
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Mr. Pitt--Motive of his going out of office--Error of the English
Government--Pretended regard for the Bourbons--Violation of the
treaty of Amiens--Reciprocal accusations--Malta--Lord Whitworth's
departure--Rome and Carthage--Secret satisfaction of Bonaparte--
Message to the Senate, the Legislative Body, and the Tribunate--
The King of England's renunciation of the title of King of France--
Complaints of the English Government--French agents in British ports
--Views of France upon Turkey--Observation made by Bonaparte to the
Legislative Body--Its false interpretation--Conquest of Hanover--
The Duke of Cambridge caricatured--The King of England and the
Elector of Hanover--First address to the clergy--Use of the word
"Monsieur"--The Republican weeks and months.

One of the circumstances which foretold the brief duration of the peace
of Amiens was, that Mr. Pitt was out of office at the time of its
conclusion. I mentioned this to Bonaparte, and I immediately perceived
by his hasty "What do you say?" that my observation had been heard--but
not liked. It did not, however, require any extraordinary shrewdness to
see the true motive of Mr. Pitt's retirement. That distinguished
statesman conceived that a truce under the name of a peace was
indispensable for England; but, intending to resume the war with France
more fiercely than ever, he for a while retired from office, and left to
others the task of arranging the peace; but his intention was to mark his
return to the ministry by the renewal of the implacable hatred he had
vowed against France. Still, I have always thought that the conclusion
of peace, however necessary to England, was an error of the Cabinet of
London. England alone had never before acknowledged any of the
governments which had risen up in France since the Revolution; and as the
past could not be blotted out, a future war, however successful to
England, could not take from Bonaparte's Government the immense weight it
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