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Travels in the Interior of Africa — Volume 02 by Mungo Park
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The first of the two volumes which contain Mungo Park's "Travels in
the Interior of Africa" brought him through many perils to the first
sight of the Niger, and left him sick and solitary, stripped of
nearly all that he possessed, a half-starved white man on a half-
starved horse. He was helped on by a bag of cowries from a kindly
chief; but in this volume he has not advanced far before he is
stripped of all.

There is not in the range of English literature a more interesting
traveller's tale than was given to the world in this book which this
volume completes. It took the deeper hold upon its readers, because
it appeared at a time when English hearts began to be stirred by the
wrongs of slavery. But at any time there would be strong human
interest in the unconscious painting of the writer's character, as
he makes his way over far regions in which no white man had before
been seen, with firm resolve and with good temper as well as courage
and prudence, which bring him safe through many a hair-breadth
escape. There was a true kindness in Mungo Park that found
answering kindness and brought out the spirit of humanity in those
upon whose goodwill his life depends; in the negroes often, although
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