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Margery — Volume 04 by Georg Ebers
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By Georg Ebers

Volume 4.


We reached the forest lodge that evening with red faces and half-frozen
hands and feet. The ride through the deep snow and the bitter December
wind had been a hard one; but the woods in their glittering winter
shroud, the sharp, refreshing breath of the pure air, and a thousand
trifling matters--from the white hats that crowned every stock and stone
to the tiny crystals of snow that fell on the green velvet of my fur-
lined bodice--were a joy to me, albeit my heart was heavy with care. The
evening star had risen or ever we reached the house; and out here, under
God's open heavens, among the giants of the forest and its sturdy,
weather-beaten folk, it scarce seemed that it could be true that I should
see my bright, young Ann sharing the sorry life of the Magister, an alien
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