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A Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision by George Berkeley
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An Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision
by George Berkeley (1685-1753)


1 Design
2 Distance of itself invisible
3 Remote distance perceived rather by experience than by sense
4 Near distance thought to be perceived by the ANGLE of the OPTIC AXES
5 Difference between this and the former manner of perceiving distance
6 Also by diverging rays
7 This depends not on experience
8 These the common accounts, but not satisfactory
9 Some IDEAS perceived by the mediation of others
10 No IDEA which is not itself perceived, can be the means of
perceiving another
11 Distance perceived by means of some other IDEA
12 Those lines and angles mentioned in optics, are not themselves
13 Hence the mind does not perceive distance by lines and angles
14 Also because they have no real existence
15 And because they are insufficient to explain the phenomena
16 The IDEAS that suggest distance are, 1st, the sensation arising from
the turn of the eyes
17 Betwixt which and distance there is no necessary connection
18 Scarce room for mistake in this matter