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Thomas Purney A Full Enquiry into the Nature of the Pastoral (1717) 105
Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin Boris Godunov: a drama in verse 102
Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin Marie; a story of Russian love 118
Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin The Daughter of the Commandant 168
B. L. (Bertram Lenox) Putnam Weale The Fight For The Republic in China 570
George Haven Putnam Abraham Lincoln 226
Ruth Putnam Charles the Bold - Last Duke of Burgundy, 1433-1477 481
George Puttenham The Arte of English Poesie 344
Charles Pye A Description of Modern Birmingham - Whereunto Are Annexed Observations Made during an Excursion Round the Town, in the Summer of 1818, Including Warwick and Leamington 192
Howard Pyle Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates; fiction, fact & fancy concerning the buccaneers & marooners of the Spanish main 244
Howard Pyle Men of Iron 241
Howard Pyle Otto of the Silver Hand 110
Howard Pyle Pepper & Salt - or, Seasoning for Young Folk 133
Howard Pyle Stolen Treasure 166
Howard Pyle The Adventures of Robin Hood 372
Howard Pyle The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood 372
Howard Pyle The Ruby of Kishmoor 47
Howard Pyle The Story of the Champions of the Round Table 397
Howard Pyle Twilight Land 282
Katharine Pyle The Counterpane Fairy 114
William Henry Pyle The Science of Human Nature - A Psychology for Beginners 245
Louise Clarke Pyrnelle Diddie, Dumps & Tot - or, Plantation child-life 165
Louise Clarke Pyrnelle Diddie, Dumps, and Tot : Or, Plantation Child-Life 162
Benito Pérez Galdós Dona Perfecta 295

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