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20-66 Petronius Arbiter The Satyricon — Volume 07: Marchena Notes 37
Sir William Petty Essays on Mankind and Political Arithmetic 129
Ida Pfeiffer A Visit to the Holy Land, Egypt, and Italy 388
Ida Pfeiffer A Woman's Journey Round the World 646
Ida Pfeiffer Visit to Iceland 311
Michael Phelan The Young Priest's Keepsake 138
T. Phelan The Siege of Kimberley 211
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Gypsy Breynton 158
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Gypsy's Cousin Joy 176
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Men, Women, and Ghosts 303
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps The Angel over the Right Shoulder - The Beginning of a New Year 14
William Lyon Phelps Essays on Russian Novelists 210
William Lyon Phelps Robert Browning: How to Know Him 384
William Lyon Phelps The Advance of English Poetry in the Twentieth Century 330
John D. Philbrick The American Union Speaker 779
Uncle Philip The Girl's Cabinet of Instructive and Moral Stories 14
Samuel Philips The Christian Home 301
Arthur Phillip The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay - With an Account of the Establishment of the Colonies of Port Jackson - and Norfolk Island (1789) 270
L. March Phillipps With Rimington 184
Claude Phillips The Earlier Work of Titian 100
Claude Phillips The Later Works of Titian 122
David Graham Phillips Susan Lenox, Her Rise and Fall 1239
David Graham Phillips The Conflict 399
David Graham Phillips The Cost 324
David Graham Phillips The Deluge 336
David Graham Phillips The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig; a Novel 308
David Graham Phillips The Fortune Hunter 135
David Graham Phillips The Grain of Dust 394
David Graham Phillips The Great God Success 247
David Graham Phillips The Price She Paid 465
David Graham Phillips The Second Generation 403
H. W. Phillips Fables For The Times 20
Henry Wallace Phillips Mr. Scraggs 123
Henry Wallace Phillips Red Saunders 159
Mary E. (Mary Elizabeth) Phillips James Fenimore Cooper 209
Ulrich Bonnell Phillips American Negro Slavery - A Survey of the Supply, Employment and Control of Negro Labor as Determined by the Plantation Regime 650
Eden Phillpotts Children of the Mist 642
Eden Phillpotts Lying Prophets 407
Eden Phillpotts The Grey Room 260
Eden Phillpotts The Red Redmaynes 363
Eden Phillpotts The Spinners 568
Eden Phillpotts The Torch and Other Tales 301
Edward Charles Pickering The Future of Astronomy 18
La Salle Corbell Pickett Literary Hearthstones of Dixie 146
Colonel Charles-Jean-Jacques-Joseph Ardant du Picq Battle Studies 303
J. Allanson Picton Pantheism, Its Story and Significance - Religions Ancient and Modern 65
Charles Felton Pidgin Further Adventures of Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason Corner Folks 336
Charles Felton Pidgin Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason's Corner Folks - A Picture of New England Home Life 576
Philip Pienaar With Steyn and De Wet 131
Arthur Stanwood Pier The Jester of St. Timothy's 158

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