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A Treatise of Daunses - Wherin It Is Shewed, That They Are as It Were Accessories And - Dependants (Or Thynges Annexed) to Whoredome, (1581) by Anonymous
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A Treatise Of Daunses, wherin it is shewed, that they are as it were
accessories and dependants (or thynges annexed) to whoredome: where
also by the way is touched and proued, that _Playes are ioyned and
knit togeather in a rancke or rowe with them._

I. Thessal. 5.

_Let eurie one possesse his vessel in holines and honor._

Anno 1581.

A Treatise of Daunses, in which is shewed, that daunses bee
intisementes to whoredome, and that the abuse of playes ought not to
be among Christians.

I Doubt not, but that some, into whose handes this little treatise
shall come, will thinke me to be at greate leasure, that haue
enterprised largely to leuie out and handle this argument: which to
their seeming is not otherwise of great importaunce. For be it that
daunses were allowed or condemned, or els yet they were putt in the
rowe of thinges indifferent men might easily iudge according to their
opinion, that that should not bring great profit or hurt to our
christian common wealth, seeing that ther are diuers pointes of
greater weight and consequence, which trouble the spirits of manye
learned men, & make afraide the consciences of the weake and simple
ones: which poyntes haue verye much nede to be opened and made plaine,
rather then to trouble a mans selfe to write agaynst playes and
daunses. Furthermore men should be in very great forwardnes, if euery
thinge were so well refourmed, that they were come euen unto daunses,
that is to say, that all that which is corrupted, and those abuses
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