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Punch, Or The London Charivari, Volume 102, Jan. 2, 1892 by Various
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VOL. 102.

January 2, 1892.


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[Illustration: The Duke of Devonshire.]

BORN, APRIL 27TH, 1808. DIED, DECEMBER 21ST, 1891.

Learned, large-hearted, liberal Lord of Land,
As clear of head as generous of hand,
He lived his honourable length of days,
A "Duke" whom doughtiest Democrat might praise.
"Leader" in truth, though not with gifts of tongue,
Full many a "Friend of Man" the muse has sung
Unworthier than patrician CAVENDISH.
Seeing him pass who may forbear the wish,
Would more were like him!--Then the proud command,
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