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The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 55, November 25, 1897 - A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls by Various
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[Illustration: THE GREAT ROUND

VOL. 1 NOVEMBER 25, 1897. NO. 55

=Copyright, 1897, by THE GREAT ROUND WORLD Publishing Company.=

* * * * *

This has been an exciting week for Cuban matters.

We told you that we might expect to hear more from Mr. Taylor's article
on Cuba in _The North American Review_.

We were quite right in our supposition.

The Madrid papers took the matter up indignantly, and it has been the
main point of interest during the last few days.

If you remember, we told you that Mr. Taylor said, in his article, that
Spain did not seem able to settle the difficult Cuban question, and that
in his opinion it was clearly our duty to interfere.

One of the Spanish Senators, SeƱor Salvani, wrote an angry letter to the
Madrid papers, in which he said that when Mr. Taylor was minister to
Spain he appeared most anxious to preserve the friendliest relations
between the two countries, and that he repeatedly declared that there
was no fear that the United States would interfere with Cuba.

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