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Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (3 of 12) - Henrie I. by Raphael Holinshed
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[Sidenote: An. Reg. 1. 1100.] Henrie the yoongest sonne to William the
first, brother to Rufus latelie departed, the first of that name that
ruled heere in England, & for his knowledge in good literature surnamed
Beauclerke, was admitted king by the whole assent of the lords and
commons, and began his reigne ouer England the first of August, in the
yeare after the creation of the world 1067. after the birth of our
Sauiour 1100. and 44. of the emperour Henrie the fourth, Paschall the
second then gouerning the sée of Rome, which was about the 51. yeare of
Philip the first of that name king of France, and in the beginning of
the reigne of Edgar king of Scotland. [Sidenote: _Wil. Thorne._
_Geruasius Dorobernensis._] This king was consecrated and crowned at
Westminster, the fift daie of August, by Thomas archbishop of Yorke, and
Maurice bishop of London, bicause at that time Anselme archbishop of
Canturburie was exiled. [Sidenote: _Matth. Paris._] This prince had
aforehand trained the people to his humor and veine, in bringing them to
thinke well of him, and to conceiue a maruellous euill opinion of his
brother duke Robert, persuading them moreouer, that the said duke was
likelie to prooue a sharpe and rigorous gouernour, if he once obteined
the crowne and dominion of the land. Moreouer, he caused to be reported
for a certeine truth, that the same Robert was alreadie created king of
Jerusalem. And therefore considering that the kingdome of Palestine (as
the rumor ran) was of greater reuenues than that of England, there was
no cause why they should staie for him, who would not willinglie leaue
the greater for the lesser. By which meanes the Nobilitie and Commons
were the sooner persuaded to decline from the election of the said
Robert, and to receiue his brother Henrie for their lawfull king, who on
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