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Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664 by Unknown
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Harmen Meydertsz van den Boagaert (?), Narrative of a Journey
Into the Mohawk and Oneida Country, 1634-1635. In J. Franklin
Jameson, ed., Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664 (Original
Narratives of Early American History). NY: Charles Scribner's
Sons, 1909.

Praise the Lord above all--Fort Orange, 1634.

December 11. Journal kept of the principal events that happened
during the journey to the Maquas and Sinnekens Indians. First, the
reasons why we went on this journey were these, that the Maquas
and Sinnekens very often came to our factor [commis] Marten
Gerritsen and me stating that there were French Indians in their land,
and that they had made a truce with them so that they, namely, the
Maquas, wished to trade for their skins, because the Maquas Indians
wanted to receive just as much for their skins as the French Indians
did. So I proposed to Mr. Marten Gerritsen to go and see if it was
true, so soon to run counter to their High Mightinesses; and, besides,
trade was doing very badly, therefore I went as above with Jero[ni]-
mus [de] la Croex and Willem Tomassen. May the Lord bless my
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